About me

Hi, I'm Daniel and I've been involved in investment strategies and trading for 17 years.

Since October 2015 I have been investing in Bitcoin and trading Altcoins as well.

I managed to build up a million-dollar portfolio through altcoin trading within a few months, but I also managed to lose it just as quickly.

So I've been flying around the world learning from the best of the best to understand the crypto universe around Bitcoin.

Through all the years of continuing education and experience gained, I have developed successful and proven strategies to gradually increase my Bitcoin holdings.

For 12 months now, I have been testing to implement these strategies into an algorithm so that beginners can benefit immediately and without detours from 7 years of experience with Bitcoin.

This resulted in the Crypto Profit Scout algorithms and the Sentiment Trader.

I'm from Germany and I'm running a german crypto Telegram channel since January 2018 where I share my crypto knowledge and trading tips. My community appreciates me a lot for my years of experience and knowledge that is not shared anywhere else.

Since a few days the members area is also available in english.

I am very happy to help you build your wealth with crypto!

Want to get to know me first or have questions? Contact me on Telegram:

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