Profit Scout Algorithms

Bitcoin signals with over 90% precision

How to double your Bitcoin
in 12 months

If you haven't been able to build wealth with Bitcoin yet, you've missed one of the biggest opportunities for wealth creation.
So make sure you don't make that mistake again.

You probably know this:

You are not following a successfully tested and proven investment system.
You do what Youtubers etc. say.
You're getting in or out of the market way too late.
You invest way more than 5 minutes per day for your investments.
You sit out -60% corrections for years or sell at a huge loss.

If any of this applies to you, you can't possibly achieve financial freedom through Bitcoin & Co.

Why you lose so far

Bitcoin is dominated by big players in the short to medium term. These players need an enormous amount of liquidity to buy or sell positions. So to build a huge buy position, they need an enormous number of sellers in the market, otherwise they would make their own price worse due to lack of liquidity.

In other words: The big players want your bitcoin when the price is low and sell it back to you when the price is high!

This is the simple reason for the failure of the masses to invest successfully.

The solution?

Do the exact opposite of what the masses are doing!

We recognize when the big players buy up the Bitcoin of the uninformed masses and vice versa, when they sell their Bitcoin back to the masses.

This way we are already invested long before the masses flock to the market and get out before the panic selling starts.

The Profit Scout Algorithms

The Profit Scout algorithms find ideal entry and exit points. With 90% accuracy we hit exact highs and lows! 

It also works for 90% of all altcoins

Here is an altcoin that is known to have little correlation to other altcoins: Solana.

Here are our sell signals for another altcoin: Ripple (XRP).

Immense challenges mastered

Developing the Crypto Profit Scout Algorithms and designing investment strategies for it cost me at least 2500 working hours and more than 100,000 Euros. In addition, there are several 100k in learning the hard way.

You can save all that today and benefit from more than 17 years of experience in investing and trading. And more than seven years of experience with Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies.

Hi, I'm Daniel and I've been involved in investment strategies and trading for 17 years.

Since October 2015 I have been investing in Bitcoin and trading Altcoins as well.

I managed to build up a million-dollar portfolio through altcoin trading within a few months, but also to lose it just as quickly.

So I've been flying around the world learning from the best of the best to understand the crypto universe around Bitcoin.

Through all the years of continuing education and experience gained, I have developed successful and proven strategies to gradually increase my bitcoin holdings.

For ten months now, I have been testing to implement these strategies into an algorithm so that beginners can benefit immediately and without detours from seven years of experience with Bitcoin.

This resulted in the Crypto Profit Scout Algorithms.

Is the investment in the Profit Scout Algorithms
really justified?

Think about what it costs you not to use the algorithm:

You may waste many years searching for a successfully tested and proven wealth building system.
You lose an enormous amount of money through senseless buying and selling.
By "hodling" you may gain fiat, but not Bitcoin!
You continue to waste your precious time watching pointless youtube videos of moon boys.
You're losing a tremendous amount of money just from opportunity costs of missing a bunch of sensational buying and selling opportunities.

The use is very easy

All you need is a free TradingView account. Then you can activate the Profit Scout algorithms with one mouse click.

You don't need any trading knowledge. It is a tool to make better decisions for investments. The time required is therefore with 1-2 hours per month enormously low.

For our Bitcoin signals we have set up Telegram Alerts so that you don't miss any signals.

Fast results

Due to the precision of hitting highs and lows with almost perfect accuracy, positive results can usually be seen after just a few days.

Little time investment

Less is more! The less you trade, the lower your trading costs, your drawdown risk decreases and you will achieve noticeably better results. Trading a lot, working a lot, investing a lot of time = more money is an expensive misconception. 

The most successful investors invest only 1% of their time in buying and selling. 99% of their time is research, analysis and monitoring of their investments. The Profit Scout Algorithms take this 99% away from you completely! So you have more time for your business, your family and important things in life and build up wealth at the same time.

What are you waiting for?

Finally make the decisions of master investors and be on the side of the winners in the market.

Increase your Bitcoin and therefore profit disproportionately from the long-term Bitcoin growth.

The way to your financial freedom can only be achieved with an information advantage. With the Crypto Profit Scout Algorithms you will get it day by day on a platter!

Secure your access to the

Crypto Profit Scout Algorithms

80.83 EUR incl. VAT per month* without minimum term

*for annual payment

Are you ready to take your financial freedom into your own hands? Then secure your access right now!

What happens in the future?

The more the algorithm is fed with data, the better the results. Therefore, we will see even better signals in the future.

The more the algorithms are developed, the higher the price will rise.

Therefore, it is best to secure your access right now and with it the current price.

The number of accesses for the current price are very limited! As soon as sold out, the price for the access increases.

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