For crypto beginners and experts:

Buy bottoms and sell tops of any crypto with highest accuracy with the help of automated trading tools

Bitcoin Profit Scout:

Buy exact lows and sell highs for all cryptos with 87% accuracy

+325% profit in 18 months of bear market.

Bitcoin has fallen -60% in the same time, peaking at -77%.

From 1 BTC we have made 6.18 BTC. That's over 500% profit in BTC.

Bitcoin Profit Scout Profits

Protection from "Black Swan" events

Incredible signal quality: The precision of the signals is unmatched worldwide. Even the Covid crash was predicted and a sell signal was fired at the exact high.

A little later, we received buy signals at the absolute low of the crash, while sheer panic reigned and the masses sold their cryptocurrencies.

It is the only tool in the world that even offers investors protection against so-called "Black Swan" events:

Bitcoin Black Swan Events Protection

Sentiment Trader:

The most powerful crypto
Autotrading Bot

Performance 2021 - 2023

Sentiment Trader Signale

+8743 % profit since January 1, 2021 to May 27, 2023.

Bitcoin fell -12% in the same period.

874.392 USD profit with 10,000 EUR stake.

Sentiment Trader Performance Januar 2021 bis Mai 2023

Performance 2019 - 2023

+309.116 % Profit seit 1. Januar 2019.

Bitcoin has only increased by 656% in the same time.
The Sentiment Trader outperforms Bitcoin by 470x!

10,000 USD would have become 30 million euros.

Sentiment Trader 2019-2023

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Are the signals shown only backtest signals?

All signals since April 2021 are live signals. This is the only trading system in the world that detects exact highs and lows in a live test, not just retrospectively. Other systems use backtests only in market phases for which the trading system has been optimized. If the market phase then changes, these systems no longer work. Repainted signals are even worse. These are signals that are determined retroactively in the past.

We, on the other hand, use real market data for signals. They are independent of market phases, so our live signals have the same quality as back-tested signals.

Is there a minimum term?

No. You can cancel at any time. The cancellation can be made informally in the form of an email, Telegram message or directly to CopeCart (our payment service provider). The cancellation must be made before the end of the selected payment period.

I have hardly any experience in trading cryptocurrencies. Can I still be successful with the "Profit Scout" system?

Yes, you will learn everything you need to know in our video course. It's short and to the point, so you're protected from losses as quickly as possible and can apply the knowledge directly for profits.

I am a total beginner in trading. Is the "Sentiment Trader" nevertheless something for me?

Yes! Basically, you don't even have to understand why signals are fired. All you have to do is follow our signals. It is not necessary to make your own decisions about trading.

Is there a lot to learn before I get started?

We strive to convey information in as condensed a form as possible. With about 20 videos on average á 5 - 10 minutes, our video course is kept lean, so that the knowledge transport is effective.

Do the algos still work at all if they are used by many people?
What about the information advantage?

We only use data that is not subject to alpha decay. This data cannot be manipulated and gives us clear information about what market participants are currently doing at any point in time. It does not matter how many people look at this data. If the majority expects prices to rise, we sell and vice versa. As long as people have emotions, our strategy works.

Is there support?

Yes, you can always use our VIP Telegram group for your questions. Basically, though, the videos in the members area will give you all the knowledge you need to successfully build your wealth.

What is the difference between Profit Scout algorithms and Sentiment Trader?

The Profit Scout algorithms are suitable for the optimal management of your investments in Bitcoin and Altcoins. Investment strategies differ from trading strategies in that positions tend to be held longer. For example, stop loss and take profit strategies of the longer-term time horizon are rather subordinate.

The Sentiment Trader is, as the name suggests, a trading strategy in which bets are made on rising prices (long positions) as well as on falling prices (short positions). Profits are realized in shorter periods of time and tight stop loss orders are set.

The Profit Scout algorithms are suitable for the more passive investor with little risk appetite. The Sentiment Trader can be run automatically on your own account with the help of our specially developed trading bot.

What is the difference between the "Trader" and "Trader Pro" packages?

The "Trader" package includes trading signals for long and short positions, as well as stop loss and take profits for Bitcoin in the daily chart and in the faster 8h chart.

The "Trader Pro" package also offers the possibility to have all Sentiment Trader signals traded by an automatic trading bot. So you don't have to do anything actively yourself. You also get additional signals for Ethereum (ETHUSD), as well as access to the TradingView indicator for the visual representation of the signals.

How does automatic trading work?

Auto-trading is completely under your control. You deposit money on a crypto exchange of your choice and link the account to the signals of our TradingView indicator. How the setup works is explained in detail as a video description within our members area. If you have any questions, you can use our VIP Telegram group.

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